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Qingyu Wang

A Fourth Year Ph.D. Candidate

Zhejiang University


Research Intersets

AG Robot, Robotic Vision and Grasping

Journal Articles

[1] Wang, Q., Wu, D., Liu, W., Lou, M., Jiang, H., Ying, Y., & Zhou, M., (2023). *PlantStereo: A High Quality Stereo Matching Dataset for Plant Reconstruction. Agriculture, 13(2), 330. (IF5=3.6)[Link]

[2] Zhang, Y., Guo, X., Wang, Q., Wang, F., Liu, C., Zhou, M., & Ying, Y., (2023). Automated Dissection of Intact Single Cell from Tissue Using Robotic Micromanipulation System. *IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, vol. 8, no. 8, pp. 4705-4712. (IF5=5.9)[Link]

[3] Wang, Q.#, Wu, D.#, Sun, Z.#, Zhou, M., Cui, D., Xie, L., Hu, D., Rao, X., Jiang, H., & Ying, Y., (2023). Design, Integration, and Evaluation of a Robotic Peach Packaging System Based on Deep Learning. *Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 211, 108013. (IF5=8.3)[Link]

[4] Liu, W., Tian, S., Wang, Q., & Jiang, H., (2023). Key Technologies of Plug Tray Seedling Transplanters in Protected Agriculture: A Review. *Agriculture, 13(8), 1488. (IF5=3.6)[Link]

[5] Wang, Q., Xing, H., Ying, Y., Zhou, M., (2023). CGFNet: 3D Convolution Guided and Multi-scale Volume Fusion Network for Fast and Robust Stereo Matching. *Pattern Recognition Letters. vol. 173, 2023, pp. 38-44. (IF5=4.8)[Link]

[6] Wang, Z.#, Wang, Q.#, Lou, M., Wu, F., Zhu, Y., Hu, D., Zhou, M., Ying, Y., (2023). A Geometric Based Apple Suction Strategy for Robotic Packaging. *International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. (IF5=2.8)

Conferences & Workshops

[1] Qingyu Wang, Mingchuan Zhou*, Huanyu Jiang, Yibin Ying. An End-to-end Deep Learning Stereo Matching Method for Robotic Leaf Sampling. 2021 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) - Workshop: Task-Informed Grasping: Agri-Food manipulation (TIG-III). (Poster Award)